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To grow your company in today’s complicated business environment, you must effectively shape the conversation with your customer. At Canopy Marketing we combine your expertise with our marketing experience to build a partnership. We offer support for every piece of the marketing puzzle, from logo and company branding to website design and internet marketing. We’re here today to help you plan. We’ll be here tomorrow to watch you grow.


Website Development

It’s not about just looking good – a website has to be built well, too – so search engines find it and it brings you actual customers. It’s complicated. We know how to do it.  More...

Inbound Web Marketing

Inbound Marketing identifies your perfect customer and then develops content throughout your web marketing that pulls in lookers and makes them buyers.  More...

Social Media Strategy

It can be overwhelming to figure out how social media can really benefit your company. We offer customized, honest analysis to help you actually make an impact.  More...

Printed Materials

While the Internet is where we try to crack the nut to find more clients, printed marketing materials are still important. We design, write and print what you need.  More...

Branding Campaigns

Your brand is your first impression. We can help you establish and maintain a compelling company brand that tells who you are, what you do and how your clients need you.  More...


Designing logos is a uniquely personal journey for our clients. We can help you take your idea of your company and find the look that turns the idea into a business image.  More...

About Us

Kim Jones

Kim Jones


Kim is a "plate spinner" extraordinaire. Her expertise is project management, balancing multiple objectives while helping clients achieve their business goals. She builds creative, effective marketing strategies that go the distance for her clients. She's also passionate about fighting modern day slavery.

Luke Henning

Luke Henning


Knowing where to start can often be the most difficult part of digital marketing. Luke is an expert at getting projects off the ground and keeping them on track, thanks to years of experience managing digital marketing projects for a diverse clientele ranging anywhere from biotech companies to underground music labels. When he’s not busy with marketing, Luke works as a session musician and freelance journalist.

Luke O'Leary

Luke O'Leary


It's hard to stay on top of the managing search results, especially with the ever-evolving world SEO. Luckily, Luke loves following these changes like Captain Quint loved hunting sharks, but where Quint fell to Jaws, Luke vows to always bring a bigger boat. If you're looking to improve your ranking on any search engine, he's your man. Just don't bring up movies with him in a meeting, because he'll talk all day.

Jackson Short

Jackson Short


The best marketing plans are cohesive, well-targeted and crafted to convey the right message. Jackson specializes in weaving multiple marketing strategies into a singular, effective design that gets the client's message across and is welcomed by consumers. He is also cicerone certified server (but we think he did it just to drink more beer).

AnnMarie Johnson

AnnMarie Johnson


The best design comes from simple lines, balance and a commitment to honoring the client's brand—or helping them discover a better brand that takes them farther. AnnMarie's design sensibility touches every corner of Canopy Marketing's work, from print to web. She’s also been known to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse.

Glen Draeger

Glen Draeger


Skill, attention to detail and a passion to stay on top of industry trends marks Glen's work at Canopy Marketing. Web development can be sliced a hundred different ways. Glen knows how to match the client's needs with quality programming that gets results with search engines. And we bet he's read more books than you have.

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