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How important are Google rankings? Think "Lateral" instead.

It’s a question I hear all of the time – How do I get my business onto Page One of Google? It’s great to see your company on Page One, and that certainly makes it more accessible to your potential customers, but Page One rankings are not the only way to drive traffic to your… Read more »

Getting found online – how Inbound Marketing can help

A frequent request of my clients is to get their website on page one of Google. It’s great to see a client’s site hit page one, and it’s always a goal to get the best placement possible. But who cares where your site lands on Google if no one is buying the service or product… Read more »

Tweet, tweet

Well, I realized the day was inevitable that I figure out Twitter. As a marketing consultant and website developer, social media is obviously an important factor for my clients considering all their marketing options. As a seasoned marketer, I recognize that no single effort will meet your marketing goals. I watch clients all the time,… Read more »

Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

I’m preparing a talk right now to present to my business networking group. What to say? I get the opportunity every few months to talk to this group and am always looking for something interesting to talk about so I don’t get too many glazed over looks peering back at me. Talking to any group… Read more »

How to keep your email from landing in the Spam box

Email newsletters are an excellent way to connect with your customers or potential customers. But, we all know that our email boxes are crammed with email marketing. There are a variety of spam checkers and filters that stand in the way of your email newsletter and your customers In Box. So, keep a few tips… Read more »

How important is your logo?

The days are gone when we just hung up our sign on the door and customers showed up. With today’s global market, tight competition and a shrinking dollar, an effective logo is one of the most critical components of your brand. Consider this: Your logo may be the only impression you get to make on… Read more »

Field of Dreams — You get what you pay for

In the world of Internet marketing and website development the range of services and the level of quality behind those services can be totally baffling to a business owner attempting to increase her business through the Internet. In my conversations with clients I often have the opportunity to speak to this issue. Whether it’s an… Read more »