How important are Google rankings? Think "Lateral" instead.

It’s a question I hear all of the time – How do I get my business onto Page One of Google? It’s great to see your company on Page One, and that certainly makes it more accessible to your potential customers, but Page One rankings are not the only way to drive traffic to your site. In fact, as Google continues to tweek its algorithms to ensure the quality of search results, the focus on just ranking is less important. Web marketing is a marathon, not a race, and what worked even a few months ago may not be as effective today. That’s why your focus should always be on developing quality content on your website with a compelling call to action that actually delivers what your customers need.

The online social community Site Reference recently blogged about how going “lateral” can help you succeed online. Don’t just be focused on where you rank on Google. Don’t just fret over how many “hits” you get to your website each month. Instead, focus on actually engaging with your potential customers and build website activity that really matters. It’s the way web marketing is moving, and I think it’s a great thing because it ultimately benefits the consumer and the company marketing the product or service. After all, isn’t our goal to connect our service or product with someone who needs it and wants to buy it?

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