How keyword research can help you find clients: Inbound Marketing works

Every ten minutes the newest tactic for web marketing hits. How can anyone keep up? Is it my Facebook page that will make me money? Do I need to blog? What about on-line Yellow Pages? I talk to clients every day who are overwhelmed with the amount of information out there about how to market on the Internet. There’s more to do than hours in the day and it costs money. So what should people do who want to grow their business and know they cannot ignore Internet marketing?

Each facet of Internet marketing is like a stepping stone across the pond. Every pond is different and each step is simply a part of getting you across to the other side. Just as every business is unique, your approach to marketing on the Internet should reflect who you are. Is your competition local or national? Are you selling a product or a service? How and where does the financial transaction occur? What are your competitors doing on the Internet. All of that matters when deciding how to market and where to spend your money.

The Internet is evolving, and users are more sophisticated today. The driving force behind quality Internet marketing is providing quality content. Telling your potential customers why they should buy your product or service and giving them the information they are seeking in their buying process. It’s also called Inbound Marketing. It’s different than going out to your clients with your sales pitch. It’s drawing them TO you with quality info that they want and need in order to buy.

And here’s where keywords come into the picture. It used to be that putting a bunch of keywords into the code of your site was the ticket to getting listed at the top of Google. My perspective is “Who cares if you are on page one of Google if nobody is buying what you are selling.” More important is finding the client who wants to buy and earning their trust because they were looking for something specific and you provided it. That’s quality Inbound Marketing and it hinges on understanding keywords and how they impact they way people find your website.

When I blog for clients or coach them on how to blog effectively, the first thing I do is identify the primary keywords and long-tail keyword phrases that real people are using to buy what my client is selling. Once we’ve settled on these keywords we have a strategy to follow. We use the keywords to map out a blogging calendar, complete with blog titles that incorporate the keywords. So the next time my client sits down to blog they are not wondering, “What in the world do I talk about today?” Nope. They know they want to get hired as a wardrobe consultant, and they know what keywords they are targeting. So they sit down and write a blog with a meaningful title, incorporating the keyword. It’s a balance between strategic thinking and providing meaningful and engaging content that your customers want. It’s not rocket science, but it does take some planning. And it works. Most of your competitors are NOT doing this, so if you do, you just might find yourself with that next paying client.

Next time: more on Inbound Marketing…how it works and why.