Tweet, tweet

Well, I realized the day was inevitable that I figure out Twitter. As a marketing consultant and website developer, social media is obviously an important factor for my clients considering all their marketing options. As a seasoned marketer, I recognize that no single effort will meet your marketing goals. I watch clients all the time, with fear in their eyes, fall for the latest telephone salesperson promising Page One Google Rankings or Social Media Magic 101.

So, I’m a bit of a skeptic. But I also know that every day brings a new dimension to social media marketing and its unprecedented affect on our world. What we talk about, buy and believe in is driven more and more by what we see online. So with that, here are a few tips for conquering Twitter with information from .net magazine and my spin:

1. Twitter is about conversation and community. It’s not just a place to broadcast. Talk to your followers and those you follow.

2. Don’t crash into other people’s conversations. Just like you wouldn’t interrupt an in-person conversation, Twitter conversations require tact and etiquette, too.

3. Engage your personality. Twitter is personal, even if your there to promote your business.

4. Use hashtags sparingly. For more info on what hashtags are and how to use them see this article from Twitter.

5. Be careful what you say. There’s a fine line between promoting and spamming. Be thoughtful when you post, or don’t.

6. Have a plan. How often will you tweet? Are you ready to respond?

7. Take time to build your profile background. Include personal and company information and make sure your website url is posted.

8. Be a good follower. Find people that tweet about things you are interested in and follow them. And don’t just look for quantity in your own followers.  It’s better to have a few quality followers than a bunch that don’t really care.

9. Offer discounts or promos if you can or offer your insight into news.

10. Tweet the whole story. Don’t be afraid to talk about your failures along with your successes. Twitter is a great place for feedback and conversations that can make us better.

So consider jumping in to Twitter. For information on starting to Tweet, see this How to sign up article. And while your there, follow me …that is if you really care.